OGPlanet Astro Generator – Updated Version 2014

OGPlanet Astro Generator: 
We are excited to announce the next generator that our community has been showing lots of excitement for: The OGPlanet Astro Generator. With this free generator, you will be able to generate Astros “directly” into your account. These Astros can be used in-games for a variety of effects, and they will help you to get new items that may have been previously unattainable due to the items being too expensive to buy. With our generator, this problem is no more, however. 






OGPlanet Astro Generator Features: 
1. The user can easily connect to the account. 
2. Anonymity of the user is always maintained using different proxies and VPN. 
3. The tool is already configured and is very easy to use. 
4. The tool itself keeps looking for new updates and auto updates when a new patch arrives. 
5. Various other techniques are used that ensure that user will not be banned and is 100% foolproof.

How to use the OGPlanet Astro Generator? 
1. Click The Download Button At The Bottom. 
2. Run The Generator. 
3. Add Your Username No Password Needed. 
4. Choose The Amount Of Points You Want. 
5. Hit Generate. 
6. Voila You Have Free Points.


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